Unparalleled accuracy with the highest quality lab service


AccuRX is proud to offer a full offering of Crizal UV coatings including the latest Crizal Prevencia, a revolutionary way to protect your eyes with an ESPF of 25 and protection against harmful blue-violet light. We are also offer a full range of value and premium stock lenses at competitive pricing. Our two house Glare free coatings, CleARview and CleARview Plus provide great solutions for a value or non Essilor brand products and an efficient turnaround time. Chemistrie Magnetic Clips, a base curve matched customized clip solution, can offer an unlimited variety of ways to solve your patients needs. All clips are made in house with the highest quality finish details. 


We offer the best in premium optical lenses with a selection including Essilor, Varilux, Shamir, Younger, VisionEase. We have single vision, progressives, variable tint and sun wear for all patient types, and lens materials that include Plastic (CR-39), Polycarbonate, Mid-Index, High-Index 1.60, High-Index 1.67, and High-Index 1.74, Trivex.
AccuRX is proud to claim that we provide superior finish work and the highest quality lenses available. With the latest in technology and lab equipment, there is nothing that we can't offer your to satisfy and exceed your practice needs. 

Accu Package Eyewear

Ask your sales consultant about our Accu Package Frame and Lens packages. Offering the latest styles and lens designs to meet every budget. Frame and lens packages include traditional and fashion forward styles for any budget...complete to you at a great price! 

Chemistrie Magnetic Clips

Have your heard the news? A custom made clip, based curve matched in 24 Polarized Color Options, a 3D option and a clear reader option from +.50 to +2.50! Yes, believe what you are reading and find out more about this superior option. 

Unparalleled accuracy with the highest quality lab service