Unparalleled accuracy with the highest quality lab service

Our Lab

The value of a wholesale optical lab isn't merely "how fast?" but also "how accurate?". As our name implies, accuracy is a hallmark of our lab services. Our mission is to ensure that, at every point in our process, we deliver on the promise that our name conveys.

We have in-house digital lens processing and AR facilities which allow us to have greater control over the scheduling and quality of each job. We do slab-offs and more complex edging jobs such as metal groove, paint groove, drilled rimless and Chemistrie clips.

Our lab personnel are experienced, highly-trained and highly-motivated to exceed your expectations. Regular training on products, machinery and processes helps to ensure that you and your patients will get the very best in optical products and services. We try to treat each and every job as if it will be the standard by which we fulfill our promise of delivering unparalleled accuracy.

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Unparalleled accuracy with the highest quality lab service